Just my thoughts
by Aditya Hingne

Behind the colors of Clarae

Clarae threw the paint on the canvas in a fit of rage. She was right about to destroy her entire creation with black when she stopped. Just stopped. Anger wasn't helping her, so Clarae resorted to sadness. She cried and openly let her tears fall onto the painting.

Clarae decided to take a drive. A long drive. The black crow squawked as she passed by a faded sign with the words "River Valley High School" painted in blue. Clarae was reminded of all the struggles she went through in trying to get a good in art. Later, Clarae realized she didn't put herself through so much because she was worried about the GPA, it was because she loved art. Clarae changed that year, and she gradually stopped burying herself in textbooks.

However, Clarae was scared of having economical problems if she pursued art as a career, so she took too many difficult classes in college. One day her roommate marched into the room, took her computer away and said something Clarae would never forget. "It's your birthday! Eat this red velvet cupcake and stop torturing yourself!"

Clarae saw a black dog barking at her as she drove by her former roommate's old house. After college, everything went really well. Clarae was accepted into a prestigious art school and was later able to create a very successful career for herself. Clarae often visited her section of the art gallery in her former art school. One time she bumped into a girl wearing a bright yellow coat. "Sorry," the yellow-coat girl blurted out quickly, as she went back to intently staring at one of Clarae's paintings. Clarae watched the girl in slight amusement before she went to greet some of her past teachers. When she was about to exit, Clarae was surprised to see the yellow-coat girl was still there, looking at her paintings. Clarae decided to talk to her She asked, "Hello there. What's your name." The yellow-coat girl responded with, "Clarae. Yours?" She smiled mysteriously and didn't answer the yellow-coat girl's question. "Why are you staring at these paintings?" she questioned. "I am trying to understand this artist. When I paint, my goal is to make my work grounded in reality. This artist, Ms. Ariel, has such a fantasy element in each of her works. I always seem to be attracted to it," Clarae responded with great passion.

As Ariel began crossing the road she began to think. Clarae was right. Her paintings didn't have a human element. Ariel wondered if this was why she was beginning to have a sense of dissatisfaction with her paintings. She started to notice this quite recently. Lost in her thoughts, Ariel didn't notice the black car honking at her. Suddenly, Ariel felt herself being pushed away from the car. With wide eyes, Ariel saw the yellow-coat girl crash into the speeding black car. "Clarae! Clarae! Are you okay?" Ariel was asking frantically? "I'm okay, Ms. Ariel. It's okay to cry." Clarae said weakly. Those were Clara's last words, as she died in Ariel's arms. Months after Clarae's death, Ariel discovered that she had never once cried over the event. Ariel, now Clarae, changed her name and stopped painting for a long time. The latter was the worst decision she had ever made. Her life had become infected. If it wasn't for her old roommate, she may have never been able to cure herself

Clarae had only been driving for a few minutes. When she drove through the area where the yellow-coat girl lost her life, Clarae felt an artistic passion burning inside herself. She quickly drove home and went straight to the canvas. In Clarae's mind, the canvas was glowing and was almost speaking to her, The colors had mixed with her tears and began to resemble watercolor. Clarae took a paintbrush and used black to create a face out of the colors. It was the face of her saviors, and the lessons they brought to a canvas.

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